Eco Tips on how we can save the Planet

Planet earth is our home, and we are already suffering from weather climates and its changies every day, we have to admit that we are consuming sources, using them wrong, and we do not make the considerable efforts to save our planet and ourselves from many environment disasters.


Today we discus some tips on how to save the planet Earth, as they are maybe some few efforts, but these efforts will be efficient if we are gathered together to apply them, and with a certain amount of practicing, and a real belief for the concept; we will do more than just talking about the issue.

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle:

The 3 R`s process; it is an applicable motto, you have to indulge yourself with it, always try to involve this motto when taking a decision in your life, reduce consuming, reuse good things, and recycle damaged items the right way.

  • Walk or use a human powered vehicle:

Try to walk short distances, let your car be the last option on taking distances, or use a better idea: a bicycle or a scooter is a great vehicle to have, which has the most negative impact on the environment.

  • The electric vehicle:

Automotive industry is always evolving, and the manufacturers made some promises about cars operated by electricity, some of them like Tesla has already hit the markets with its products, if you cannot escape car usage; then you ought to considerably think about buying an electric car, especially if you know their prices are affordable.

  • Composting:

Composting is a brilliant way to dispose of food waste and it is benefiter for your garden`s soil, a natural compost makes the soil rich and produce high quality agriculture products.

  • Eat healthy:

Eat well and eat healthy; there are huge amount of energy and resources consumed by junk food makers, and also it not good for your health, a proper nutrition will aid you to have a good health and to reduce negative impact on the environment.

  • Keep yourself informed:

On the last decades scientists and environmentalists discovered new ways to keep our environment safe, and on the same time to replace ordinary sources and products with more Eco-friendly ones. For example Tesla Company announces a product of a roof panels that transforms solar energy into electricity, and it will be available for ordinary houses.

You ought to follow news on the latest affordable products on reducing environment`s resources usage.

  • Spread the culture:

Do not just keep the culture to yourself, try to be an idol between your family and friends, record your experiences, open discussions with other people on the matter, advice others about your successes on this matter, people would like to try new things when they see them as a successful models.

  • Teach young generations:

If we want a better future for our children, we ought to act now, and also teach them about environment, and the Eco-friendly ways, when you teach your children today; you will impact on a better tomorrow.

  • Participate in environment saving activities:

Many communities have their own initiations to keep the environment clean and safe, check out these events, and participate on them, act, add, and do something that really matters with good results.

  • Follow environment saving experiences:

Watch documentaries, follow people with previous experiences, this will make you informed and guided properly on how to make good acts toward a better healthy environment.