Handmade Craft Ideas with Paper you will love

Handmade crafts are fun and enjoyable, anybody can learn to make them, especially if they are made of one material like paper, as it is easy to shape and cutomize.

Paper crafts making is not only can be practiced as a hobby, but it is also can be used in depression and anxiety treatment. Certain studies shows that practicing activities like drawing, coloring, and making handcrafts are improving mentalism, relieving depression, and enhancing creativity.

So practicing crafts with paper from time to time has some great benefits for you, and when you have children; it is a great way to discover their creativity, and to develop their brain skills with a sample way, and for your consideration the cost of this crafting is the minimum cost ever.

We have listed for you some handmade paper crafts ideas, and you only need paper, a simple scissor and sometimes you would need glue, so let us check them together:

  • Origami Heart Envelope:


This Origami project is easy and simple to do, it is a wonderful gift to express love and tender, you can make it with a desired paper of your choice, and it can be done in a few minutes, you can watch a video tutorial about the craft here.

Source: Go Origami.

  • The Robin Star:

Another Origami project, you can hang it from the ceilings of a room, or you can put it on the door of your room, a more detailed craft this time, which requires accurate steps. A detailed video with instructions is available to watch here.

Project Diagram 1:


Project Diagram 2:


Source: Go Origami.

  • Paper Flowers:

Paper flowers has many shapes and it can be made with ordinary paper, it is a nice thing to have as a decoration on your home`s planets, you can make it with some customized paper too to make it more appealing.



Source: Tissue Paper Pom Poms

  • 3D Paper Snowflake:

A very suitable project for Christmas spirit, a brilliant decoration to hang on a Christmas tree, and also you can add some sprinkle bright paper to enhance the view.



Source: How to Make a 3D Paper Snowflake.

  • Woven Paper Basket:


This is a great project to carry small items, it can be offered as a gifts` basket, the creator of this project defined it as an Easter bag, this project has many details and required passion and a lot of efforts, a video tutorial is available here.

Source: How to make woven paper Easter baskets?

  • The Paper Elephant :

This project is made mainly for kids, it is a great DIY project to make with your kid, and it is simple and requires simple details, an awesome activity to do with your child!



Source (Video): Fun Crafts for Kids: How to Make a Paper Elephant Crafts.