Damar Hamlin: critically injured after collapsing

Damar Hamlin, an American football star, is in critical condition after collapsing during a primetime National Football League game.

During the first quarter of a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, the Buffalo Bills player, 24, collided with an opponent.

Damar Hamlin collapsing Highlight:

Damar Hamlin was treated on the field for more than 30 minutes before being transferred to a nearby hospital, according to AFP.

About an hour after the incident, the NFL stopped the game for the night.

Players from the Buffalo Bills react
Players from the Buffalo Bills react

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Jordon Rooney, Damar Hamlin’s representative, tweeted: “His vitals have returned to normal, and he has been put to sleep so that a breathing tube may be inserted down his throat. They are currently carrying out testing. We will offer updates as they become available.”

When Damar Hamlin, a safety, was hitting Bengals receiver Tee Higgins, Higgins’ helmet appeared to contact Hamlin in the chest. He fell on his back after getting to his feet.

According to ESPN, medical personnel performed CPR on Damar Hamlin on the field for more than 10 minutes and gave him oxygen while he was carried away on a stretcher.

According to the publication, members of Hamlin’s family who were at the game rode in the ambulance with him to the local hospital.

During the treatment, players from both teams gathered around Damar Hamlin. Many people were visibly upset, with many bowing to pray and some in tears.

The camera cut away from the action on the field several times, and the Cincinnati audience stayed deafeningly silent throughout.

About an hour after the event, organizers decided to officially postpone the game for the night. NFL games are rarely canceled due to injury.

Local sports reporter Joe Danneman reported a source told him the Bills would fly back to New York rather than stay in Cincinnati. It suggests that the game may not be restarted anytime soon.

The two clubs are among the top Super Bowl candidates this year, and their meeting will take place on a primetime Monday night in the NFL’s last week of the regular season.

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