Idaho College Murder: New Detail in 4 Points

Idaho College Murder: The 28-year-old man charged with the killings of four University of Idaho students while they were asleep is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

Idaho College Murder Highlight:

Idaho College Murder
Idaho College Murder
  • Bryan Christopher Kohberger is now facing four counts of first-degree murder after being arrested in Pennsylvania on Friday, thousands of miles away from the crime scene.
  • His lawyer claims that he will decline his extradition hearing because he is quite eager to be exonerated.
  • A childhood buddy tells ABC News fresh information about the 28-year-old graduate student.

Bryan Christopher Kohberger’s high school friend Thomas, who described the Idaho murder suspect as cruel in high school to ABC News, claimed Bryan Christopher Kohberger was desperate to be regarded as dominant.

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He’d basically like to grapple me and put me in headlocks, arm bars, and stuff like that.

Bryan Christopher Kohberger’s family issued a statement in which they stated

“First and foremost, we care greatly for the four families who have lost their lovely children; there are no words that can appropriately explain the pain we feel.”

We have completely cooperated with law enforcement agencies in our efforts to uncover the truth and uphold his innocence.

  • After roommates, Kaylee Gonzalez, Madison Mogan, Zannah Kernodle, and her boyfriend Ethan Chapin were found stabbed to death in their off-campus home in mid-November, the small town in Moscow was horrified for weeks.
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