Minnesota Vikings Win in Record-breaking Comeback

Minnesota Vikings completed the biggest comeback in league history. They beat the Colts after being down 33 to Nothing at halftime.

Minnesota Vikings Historic Win

Minnesota Vikings Historic win
Image: Vikings.Com

This win Clinches the division for Minnesota are they serious Contenders for the super bowl?

Unfortunately For Matt Ryan, he has a Record now you have both of The biggest comebacks in NFL History.

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The Vikings have a lot of problems with a place where they play really Big teams. Just a few short weeks ago playing a cowboy Team.

The Dallas Cowboys put they were away and kept away.

Celebration Minnesota Vikings
image: Vikings.Com

The colts are that team they’re not going to put you away. Clearly, they did. The Vikings have a lot they need To fix some of the next Remaining 3 weeks of the Season and it’s going to be Tough.

They play in a very Hard NFC and you have the 49ers in that Niners, the team That you have to watch out for.

Because brock purdy has come On and really kind of been that Tom Brady from years ago.

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